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15 Fun Acorn Crafts for All Ages

Updated: Apr 13

A pair of hands holding a pile of acorns, getting ready to use them for fun acorn crafts.

We’ve separated these crafty activities into two categories — “for kids” and “for adults” — to make it easier for you to find the perfect acorn craft for you.

10 Fun Acorn Crafts for Kids

Let’s start with the fun acorn crafts for kids.

#1 Unique Acorn Necklaces

A bunch of autumn leaves with two acorns on top.

Rhythms of Play came up with a cute craft called “Acorn Marble Necklace” that is perfect for you and your kids to do together. You do need a few materials to make it happen, but we promise it’s worth it. Head over to the Rhythms of Play site to find out exactly how to do it.

#2 Acorns Turned Strawberries

This craft by Crafts By Amanda takes ordinary acorns and transforms them into cute little stories. You won’t find a cuter activity on our acorn crafts for kids list! Unlike our first option, you don’t need a lot of things. Just make sure you have some paint and glue.

Oh, and you might like to buy some stick-on magnets to turn your creations into gorgeous keepsakes.

#3 Painting With Acorns

Okay, you came here for fun activities, and this one of our acorn crafts for kids definitely fits the bill. Consider it “painting with a twist” or, more accurately, a roll.

Confused? Don’t worry, we’re about to reveal all.

Basically, your paintbrush is an acorn! This idea was brought to life by those over at Crafts On Sea. As long as you have paint and acorns, you’re good to go. Although, we do suggest printing out the acorn template so you can paint an acorn with acorns. Acorn inception!

#4 Paper Plate Acorn

Ready for acorn crafts for kids that doesn’t require special equipment or tools? The paper plate acorn should be your go-to autumn activity, courtesy of Craft Create Cook.

To get started, gather the following supplies:

· Paper plates

· Craft glue

· Cream, brown, and orange craft paint

· Paint brushes

· Brown string or wool

· Scissors

· Shredded brown paper

And then head to Craft Create Cook to find out how to create these cute DIY acorns.

#5 Acorns Turned Toadstools

No matter where you live, you should be able to experience the magic of toadstools. So, why not make them with your kids as a fun family activity?

With a bit of red and white paint, you can transform hand-picked acorns into gorgeous mini toadstools. The bright colours look fantastic as a mantelpiece decoration or in your autumn tablescape (we talked about these in our article about Autumn Home Décor Ideas 2021.

If you’re curious, you can find the step-by-step instructions on Twig and Toadstool.

#6 Acorn Picture Frame

There is nothing like a handcrafted gift — and personalised picture frames are especially adorable. This one on our acorn crafts for kids allows your little ones to discover the limitlessness of nature by gluing acorn cups to a standard picture frame.

Crafts by Amanda shows you exactly how to create this piece.

#7 Pom-Pom Acorn Mobile

For those of you looking to get ultra-crafty with your kids this season, you should try making pom-pom acorns and attaching them to a twig to hang up like a mobile. We love creating our own pom-poms, but you can always purchase some autumn-coloured ones from your favourite craft shop.

If you don’t fancy making a mobile, Adventure In A Box shares some more creative ways to use your pom-pom acorns.

#8 Button Acorns

After downloading the printable (FREE) template from Glued To My Crafts, you can easily create your own button-filled acorn with your kids, no matter their ages.

Ideally, you’ll have enough brown buttons lying around. But if not, craft shops tend to sell bags of mismatched buttons in various colour palettes. You don’t need to cover the entire template, just encourage your little ones to do their best with this one of our acorn crafts for kids.

#9 Handprint Acorns

Do your children like to fingerpaint? Then, they will absolutely adore this acorn craft by Crafty Morning. Although, we recommend using washable paint to save your carpets (and clothes!).

#10 Keepsake Acorn Crafts

We love a keepsake here at the Crafter’s Retreat. And there is nothing better than when your child makes one for you to keep forever.

For this acorn crafts for kids, you again need to head over to Glued To My Crafts to print out the free template. The template has a cute quote and a place to write their name and age, immortalizing there handprint forever.

5 Fun Acorn Crafts for Adults

Okay, now, let us move onto the acorn crafts for adults that are perfect for a bit of “me time”.

#1 Acorn Initial Ornaments

For this craft, the aim is to turn your average acorns into gorgeous, Christmas tree ornaments with your initials on. Check out My Nearest and Dearest for their tips and tricks on how to do this.

#2 Autumn Wreath

An acorn wreath complete with autumn leaves.

Wreaths are fun and often simple to make. Plus, they make fantastic decorations for your front door!

There are so many ways to make wreaths, and there are unlimited decorative options — from pinecones to walnuts to solely acorns. For this one of our acorn crafts for adults, we’ll give you a few tutorials to follow:

· DIY Autumn Acorn Wreath by Factory Direct Craft

· How to Make an Easy Acorn and Pinecone Wreath by Craft Invaders

· How to Make an Acorn Wreath by How to Make a Burlap Wreath

· DIY Acorn Wreath by The Girl Creative

#3 Acorn Fairies

If you’ve stayed with us at the Crafter’s Retreat, you may well have met some of our resident fairies in the Woodlet. But if you are yet to experience this magic, you can always try to bring a bit of fairy festivities into your home by creating an Acorn Pinecone Fairy Ornament.

Willodel, the brains behind this one of our lovely acorn crafts for adults, also has a ton of tutorials on creating fairy gardens, homes, chairs, and everything in between.

#4 Acorn Mason Jar Candle Holders

Saving by Design included this craft in their article about acorn crafts for decorating on a budget. It’s super simple. All you need to do is place a candle at the bottom of a mason jar, and surround it with handpicked acorns!

#5 Acorn Top Candles

We’ve saved the best ‘til last! Acorn top candles is one of our favourite acorn crafts for adults as they can transform any room into a cosy, safe haven. It’s especially useful if you have scraps of wax leftover from wax melts or tunnelled candles. They look fantastic when they float on a bowl of water.

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