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Autumn Home Décor Ideas: The Top Trends in 2021

Updated: Apr 13

Warm colours. Dark woods. Russet walls. Soft furnishings. Flickering candles. Wood burners. So many things remind us of the autumn season — and we’d be willing to put money on the fact that these things insight the same cosy feelings in you!

But, trying to incorporate these items into your home can seem impossible, especially if you don’t have much of an eye for interior design. Thus, we’re going to not only discuss the top 7 autumn interior design trends 2021 here, but also some hygge decoration ideas that don’t need to cost the earth, allowing you to get that autumn feeling anywhere in your home.

Top 7 Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

#1 Rich, Warm Colours and Dark Wood

A wood-framed mirror showing a deep orange and dark wood dining room complete with green foliage.

This autumn’s colour palette comes as no surprise: highly saturated autumnal colours combining oranges, dark reds, and browns play a major role.

To compliment, dark wood details such as the dresser, table, and flooring in the image above adds a luxurious touch to any room. You can’t go wrong with this trend, no matter the style of your current home (although, old farmhouse style kitchens work the best in our opinion).

#2 Sculptures

A black tray complete with a head sculpture, candles, and a white vase with dry grasses.

The second our list of autumn interior design trends 2021 is sculptures. Play about with textures, patterns, and shapes this season. It creates a truly unique atmosphere. It even verges on dark academia (consult the image above) which is the “in” aesthetic for seemingly everything at the moment.

Oh, and unique sculptures are playing a major role in the most poignant Insta pictures currently (if you needed another incentive to take part in this trend!).

#3 Voluptuous Shapes with Straight Lines

Contrasts are a huge autumn interior design trend 2021! Whether its soft meets hard or rustic meets modern, everybody who is anybody is competing to win the metaphorical prize of “best autumn contrast”.

So, why no play around with shapes? Coffee tables are the perfect way to make a statement. Try going for a round or “paint splash” shape to offset the harsh lines present in your living room.

We’re confident this trend will stick around for a while; you’re safe to splurge a bit!

#4 Rattan

 rattan entry table behind a white, nordic-esque sofa with a stone-coloured lamp on top. It's one of the most popular autumn interior design trends 2021.

If you are looking for the best autumn interior design trends 2021, then rattan is the material for you. You can see just how warm traditional rattan furniture, like the entry table above, works to deliver all the cosy vibes without overpowering the room. Consider it a laidback statement.

Of course, you can fully indulge in the rattan trend with lamps, stools, baskets, sofas, and more.

Whatever you do, match it with luxurious, soft textiles for a trendy, stylish, oh-so-autumnal feel.

#5 Spa Vibes in The Bathroom

Autumn is the self-care season. As the temperature drops and the night swoops in earlier, you might discover that your body and mind need a little extra touch of TLC.

So, the fifth item on our list of autumn interior design trends 2021 is to create a spa-esque bathroom. We suggest grabbing an eco cork and ceramic teapot with matching mug, alongside a wooden bath tray to truly indulge in the luxuries you’d experience at a 5-star spa.

#6 Green, Green, and More Green

A pastel green lamp in front of a russet velvet armchair with green foliage in front of a dark green wall.

Despite what you might’ve thought, green-on-green is not an interior design faux pas. It’s actually a rather exciting autumn interior design trend 2021.

A warming, deep, rich green is one of the most standout colours this season. And of course, Mother Nature is the inspiration source.

Anything from sumptuous vases to mugs to glassware to wall paint in this colour scheme is bound to put you in a state of tranquility. If you’re stuck, draw even more inspiration from the rustic, unyielding nature of the great outdoors.

#7 Checkered Soft Furnishings

The checkered trend brings out feelings of joy, playfulness, and finding fellowship with those around us. You don’t get more hygge than that!

Ferm Living has seriously embraced this one on our autumn interior design trends 2021 list. You can find an abundance of blankets and pillows sporting this pattern in their store — and we encourage you to take full advantage of them.

Top 7 Autumn Home Décor Ideas 2021

Okay, now you’re well and truly versed in the intricacies of the autumn interior design trends 2021, it’s time to move on to the décor ideas. In other words, the ideas below are easier to implement just for this season. We’re not suggesting you redo your entire interior design, just adding a few of these elements to elicit all the cosy vibes.

#1 Fall In Love With Velvet

A grey fabric sofa with orange velvet cushions and a few side tables topped with succulents as one of the best autumn home decor ideas this year.

Velvet is a massive thing this autumn. After all, it’s perhaps one of the most luxurious, plush, irresistible fabrics out there. Velvet pillows, blankets, and other soft furnishings allow you to get that cosy, autumn vibe without worrying too much about the colours. You’re free to go with cooler tones as the texture itself is the warm part.

#2 Spruce Up Your Home With Autumn Leaves

Pumpkins and autumn leaves on your window sills, bookshelves, and tables are a sure-fire way to get into the seasonal spirit. It’s a relatively inexpensive and accessible way to transform your home into an autumn haven in a matter of moments.

#3 Go Crazy With Candles

A couple of autumn candles on a wooden table with a few crunchy leaves on top as one of the best autumn home decor ideas.

When we said “go crazy with candles” we meant it. The more candles the better, according to the best autumn home décor ideas this year. Placing them in most of your rooms is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and cosy throughout the colder months.

We recommend going with wood wick candles to get that satisfying crackling sound as it burns.

#4 Chunky Blankets

A large chunky knit blanket laid out on a single bed with grey sheets and a Macbook on the bed.

Need we say more? Large knits are in style every single autumn, and this year is no exception. We particularly love extra large knitted blankets like the one spread out on the single bed in the picture above. You can’t get much cosier than that!

#5 Go Old-School With Lanterns

Two old-fashioned lamps with lit candles in a dark room as one of the best autumn home decor ideas.

Lanterns are super versatile. You can use them on your dining table, up your staircase, on your front door, and so many other places to bring all the autumn feelings. You don’t even need to light them (but it does look amazing when you do!).

#6 Create Cosy Autumn Tablescapes

A wooden table topped with gourds, tea lights, and autumn foliage.

Number six on our autumn home décor ideas list is to create seasonal tablescapes. As you can see from the picture above, they don’t have to be complicated. Just some gourds, lush foliage, large candles, and some tea lights in glass holders will do the trick.

#7 Spice Up Your Fireplace

A brick open fire with a metal grate and gold decorations around it.

Finally, nothing screams autumn quite like a well-decorated, lit fireplace. Of course, not everybody is lucky enough to have this option. But if you are, there are so many ways to spruce it up. Try purchasing a new log or kindling basket, some gold or orange decorations, or old-fashioned candelabras to complete your new-found autumn look.

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