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Top 10 Things to Do in Cambridgeshire

Okay, we’ve already chatted about the top 10 things to do in Norfolk. So, it’s about time we talk about the top 10 things to do in Cambridgeshire.

#1 Visit the Fitzwilliam Museum

A sculpture of two people embracing.

The Fitzwilliam Museum is the home of many world-renowned works of art, painted masterpieces, and of course, famous (and some infamous) artefacts. It’s part of the collection of museums in Cambridge (i.e., the UCM or University of Cambridge Museums).

It's an incredibly affordable and fun-filled day out.

Wander through the Ancient Egyptian exhibits, stop off at the Greek antiquities section, and cap off your trip with the medieval manuscripts and porcelain coins. You’ll be hard pushed to find another museum better equipped to take you back in time.

#2 Go to the Cambridge Gin Laboratory

A glass filled with gin topped with fresh strawberries.

Gin lovers? We are too! The Cambridge Gin Laboratory located in the heart of the city is a must visit whether you’re a local or holidaying in the area.

There are three sections to the lab — The Classroom, The Study, The Shop. Let’s take a look at everything you can discover on this amazing thing to do in Cambridgeshire:

· The Classroom — Dedicated to education about gin, you’ll be taken on a guided history tour into the makings of gin. The most exciting bit? Blending your very own gin with the help of the tipple experts.

· The Study — For exclusive private hires only. Yet it’s still such a magical space.

· The Shop — If all you want to do is blend your own gin, stay and play in the shop. You’ll make some magical, unique drinks, that’s for sure!

#3 Adventure Out to Rumble Live Action Gaming

A boy in laser tag gear holding a laser tag gun, ready to shoot.

Museums and gin aren’t for everyone. And if you find yourself in the “aren’t for everyone” category, you might prefer one of our more action-packed things to do in Cambridgeshire.

With three maps to choose from, you and your family can play the ultimate laser tag game. You get an hour of play time with hidden utility boxes filled with extra ammo and oh-so-special weapons.

It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But it’s sure one adventure-filled day out!

#4 Hone Your Golf Skills at Lakeside Lodge Golf and Bowling

A golf ball near a hole at Lakeside Lodge in Cambridgeshire.

For the more sedentary sporty types, this one is for you. Golfing at the Lakeside Lodge is a relaxing experience.

But golfing isn’t all they offer. They also provide exceptional fishing spots and bowling lanes for those who fancy trying their hand at all kinds of pastimes in a day.

#5 Try a Cambridge River Tour

Punting boat on the Cambridge river about to go under a three-arched bridge.

Everybody who has ever stepped foot in Cambridge has seen the gorgeous winding river — and proceeded to go punting! Yep, it’s that good. Not only will you be offered free beer or prosecco, you’ll also get to see the city from a whole new perspective.

#6 Take a Trip to the Cambridge Science Centre

A microscope focused on a slide, a thing to do in Cambridgeshire.

The Cambridge Science Centre provides a load of hands-on experience and exceptional shows. You can wander the halls and enjoy over 30 interactive exhibits to expand your knowledge and pique your interest.

#7 Take in The Beauty at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden

A field of red, yellow, and white tulips.

The Cambridge University Botanic Garden is a beautiful space with purpose-built expansive greenhouses and elevated gardens. If you’re a horticulture aficionado, it’s definitely one of the best things to do in Cambridgeshire.

You can amble through the stream garden, step foot into the woodland garden, and continue down the winding trail to the rising path and Mediterranean beds. Hours of botanical fun are waiting to be had.

Both children and adults are welcome in this charming establishment. Just make sure you book your tickets well in advance — since Covid-19 the spots fill up quickly!

#8 Head to Henry Moore Studios & Gardens

A Henry Moore sculpture in Cambridge.

The Henry Moore Studies & Gardens is the family home and workplace of the famous sculptor Henry Moore.

Visiting this stunning landmark will allow you to explore around 70 acres of rolling fields and sculpture-filled gardens. The best part? The art changes every single year! Whether you come back in one, two, or three year’s time, the landscape will be entirely different.

Out of all our top things to do in Cambridgeshire, Henry Moore Studios & Gardens is the most ever-changing one. You never know quite what to expect from the art of a man who spent his long career fully immersed in his craft.

#9 Marvel at The Animals in Shepreth Wildlife Park

A fox sleeping on top of a tall tree stump.

Shepreth Wildlife Park is a popular conservation sanctuary for animals of all shapes and sizes. From armadillos to otters to red pandas to macaws, any animal lover is bound to have the time of their life.

We love the fact that you can elevate your experience by getting hands-on at the park. Whether you’d like to meet the red panda or get up close and personal with an aardvark, the keepers will be happy to make your wishes come true. Just make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day.

#10 Take to the Skies at IWM Duxford

A  grey plane propeller.

Bit of an aeroplane geek? You can’t miss out on visiting IWM Duxford, Europe’s largest air museum!

Imagine following in RAF Duxford’s officer’s footsteps, walking through the hangers just as they would’ve done. Well, that’s exactly what you can do at our last top 10 things to do in Cambridgeshire. Not only that but you can marvel at aircrafts taking off from the same spot as the Spitfires.

What are you waiting for? Kick that boredom by filling your days with our favourite things to do in Cambridgeshire. Tell us how much fun you had on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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