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Top 10 Budget-Friendly Activities in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

Having fun doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune! In fact, here are the best budget-friendly activities in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire for you to enjoy:

1. Visit Redwings Horse Sanctuary

2. Walk the Great Eastern Pingo Trail

3. Explore the Secret Gardens and Toad Hole Cottage

4. Discover the Ruins at Binham Priory

5. Go Rockpooling at Sheringham, Hunstanton, or Cromer

6. Explore Cambridge’s Colleges

7. Visit the Museum of Zoology

8. See the Millpond

9. Grab a Pint at The Eagle

10. Visit Kettle’s Yard Museum

Whether some or all of them appeal to you, it’s time to find out more about each.

#1 Visit Redwings Horse Sanctuary

A grey horse standing head-on to the camera in a sunny pasture at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

If you’re a horse lover, Redwings is the best place to go for a fun family day out. And yes, it’s free (but donations are more than welcome). If you do decide to donate, your money goes toward taking care of the horses and maintaining their facilities.

You’ll see a wide array of horse breeds who’ve been rescued from various dire situations. They’ve finally found their safe haven and you visiting is the icing on the cake.

There are three locations across the country, so check their website to ensure you visit the closest one.

#2 Walk the Great Eastern Pingo Trail

If you fancy exploring the beautiful views Norfolk has to offer, you’re in luck — the Pingo Trail, sometimes referred to as the Great Eastern Pingo Trail, is perfect. It’s an ever-changing eight-mile circular walk that takes you across the fascinating landscape of Mid Norfolk.

Sat just north of Thetford, you should expect to see a whopping number of Pingo ponds. Trust us; wherever you walk, you’ll find water and a boatload of marshy woodland.

You’ll walk along the old Roman road known as Peddars Way before crossing Thompson Common and finally ending at the disused railway line. And yes, there are swamps near the lake!

#3 Explore the Secret Gardens and Toad Hole Cottage

Toad Hole Cottage in Ludham is not to be missed. It’s one of the best budget-friendly activities. It’s a speciality museum located close to the river. It’s as pretty as pretty as gets.

Hopefully, you’re blessed with warm weather for your trip, but even if you aren’t, there is so much social history inside that you won’t bore easily. It gives you a brief but informative journey into the life of a wherryman.

#4 Discover the Ruins at Binham Priory

Binham Priory is the most complete (and, thus, impressive) monastic ruins in the county. It was founded by the nephew of William the Conqueror, Peter des Valoines, in 1091. With such a vivid history comes scandals — and one could say this scandal is pretty continuous.

The priory church’s nave boasts a beautiful 13th-century west front and fantastic tiers of Norman arches. To this day, it maintains the former rood screen with Protestant texts plastered over the medieval saints.

There’s a small but easy-to-access car park through the priory gatehouse, but do be careful because the entrance is rather narrow. It’s open during daylight hours for anybody to come and peruse, making it one of the best budget-friendly activities in Norfolk.

#5 Go Rockpooling at Sheringham, Hunstanton, or Cromer

A landscape of free-to-access rock pools as one of the best budget-friendly activities.

There are so many places to go rockpooling in Norfolk; you’re practically spoiled for choice!

While there are plenty of locations, we recommend going to Hunstanton or Cromer, you’ll have access to a bunch of other budget-friendly activities alongside the rockpooling. So, if you grow hungry, fancy visiting the arcade, or want to venture onto a ride or two, you can do just that.

#6 Explore Cambridge’s Colleges

Never mind the best budget-friendly activities, exploring Cambridge’s colleges is one of the best free activities. While you have to pay £10 to enter the most famous college (King’s College), the other architectural wonders below are just as lovely and £10 cheaper:

· Gonville and Caius College — This is the fourth-oldest Cambridge University College, and also the largest. It was founded in the 14th Century, and you’re welcome to walk the courts for free.

· Christ’s College — Established in the 15th century, Christ’s College is free to enter. You’ll find a variety of sculptures, botanical trees, wildflowers, and artwork in the gardens.

· Magdalene College — Founded in 1428, it was originally a Benedictine hostel before becoming a college. You can enter the Pepys Library for free, but bear in mind that children under six year’s of age aren’t allowed.

· Trinity Hall College — Trinity Hall College was created by the Bishop of Norwich to train clergymen back in 1350. You can explore the riverside grounds and the gorgeous chapel of Trinity Hall for £0.

· Downing College — This place was created more recently than the others. It wasn’t established until the 1800s. It’s set in 20 acres of stunning grounds and is free to enjoy for as long as you wish.

#7 Visit the Museum of Zoology

Whether you’re on a budget or not, the Museum of Zoology is one of the best activities in Cambridge. It has recently been refurbished and now contains some amazing artefacts that everybody can enjoy.

Inside, you’ll find more than 10,000 important zoological finds that display the diversity of the animal kingdom — species found by Charles Darwin himself. From marsupials to mammals, you’ll find it all at this one of our best budget-friendly activities in Cambridgeshire.

#8 See the Millpond

Cambridge boasts a variety of green spaces, and it’d be a shame to miss them, especially the Millpond.

Sat at the lower end of the River Cam, it’s surrounded by pubs, restaurants, pools, and tranquil fields. It’s the perfect place to relax during a summer’s day.

#9 Grab a Pint at The Eagle

A pint of beer on a table with a black tablecloth over looking a few people and the sea. It's one of the best budget-friendly activities.

The Eagle pub dates back to 1667. Whether you drink a pint of orange juice, water, or beer, it’s unarguably one of the best budget-friendly activities in Cambridgeshire.

#10 Visit Kettle’s Yard Museum

The final best budget-friendly activity is to visit Kettle’s Yard. Like the colleges, it’s free to enter and wholly underrated.

Nestled on Castle Street, Kettle’s Yard is a stunning collection of 20th-century artwork. The building itself is actually four conjoined cottages, providing a unique feel even before you go inside.

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