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The Ultimate Packing List (with Printable!)

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Holiday packing can be stressful. Something always gets left behind or lost within the depths of your suitcase right when you need it.

But all this can be solved by following the right steps and downloading our printable packing list! A world without headaches, fuss, and faff before going on the holiday of a lifetime? Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Our help doesn’t start and end with the printable packing list, however. We’ll take you through each stage step-by-step, starting with choosing the best bag for your trip (to our cabin, ideally!).

A suitcase filled with clothes and makeup, next to a laptop, camera, and sunglasses for packing.

#1 Choose the Right Bag

You can’t focus on your belongings until you find a travel bag that fits the bill. In a perfect world, it will fit everything inside and be easy to carry.

However, with so many options on the market today, it’s tricky to know which one is right for you. Peek below to figure it out:

· Rolling SuitcasesQuite frankly, wheels are great. You don’t need to lug everything on your back or ruin your shoulders by slinging a duffle bag over them. Plus, when you come to us, it will roll smoothly over the picturesque path up to the cabin. Perfect!

· Duffle BagIf you don’t want to bring a lot of items with you, a duffle bag is the way to go. It’s simple, lightweight, and wonderfully durable. They are, without a doubt, the most flexible travel solutions.

· Wheeled BackpackWhen your travels take you over all sorts of terrain, a wheeled backpack is best. You can easily switch from rolling it across airport floors to trekking over cobblestones.

· Travel BackpackWheeled backpacks are notoriously heavier than standard models. Not to mention that travel backpacks keep your hands free in case you slip on a rock.

· Carry-OnIf you’re heading to the airport, always bring carry-on luggage. It will save you a bunch of time and you can be sure that the airline doesn’t send your important items to Timbuktu.

#2 Organise Your Essentials (and Print-Out Your Travel Checklist)

Now this is where it gets interesting! Before you go any further, check out our printable packing list and download it. Trust us, it will become a staple in your holiday packing endeavours from now until forever!

Once you have a hardcopy in your hand, it’s time to think about the different activities you’ll be doing. For example, if you come to us, you might be attending a one-to-one woodturning workshop on one day, pottery the next, and perhaps heading off to the coast afterwards. If you’re going abroad, on the other hand, you might be skiing or swimming or hiking — the world is your oyster!

Whatever you plan to do, keeping all your clothes and gear organized might be a challenge. We’d suggest getting some packing organisers to ensure your travel bag stays mess-free. Plus, it will make it easier to check and re-check that you have everything on your travel list.

Packing Tip: Focus on the clothes section of our printable packing list first!

#3 Focus on Your Toiletries

This part is quite self-explanatory if you don’t plan on leaving the country. But if you’re hopping on an aeroplane, keep the following in mind when taking liquids (hand sanitiser, contact lens solution, creams, perfumes, lip gloss, toothpaste, hairspray, etc.) on with you:

· Containers can’t hold more than 100ml

· All liquids must fit comfortably in a 20cm x 20xm clear plastic bag

· The bag must be tied or knotted at the top

· You must show the bag to the airport security staff

· Only 1 plastic bag per person

#4 Prep Your Personal Carry-On Stuff

Once you have all your toiletries sorted, prep your carry-on items. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, you’ll want to have some bits and pieces with you. This could be anything from a pillow to an iPad to headphones.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

· Travel pillow

· Guidebooks and maps

· Water bottle

· Journal

· Book

· Mobile phone

· Camera

· Chargers

· Lotion

· Lip balm

· Travel games like a deck of cards or magnetic chess

#5 Grab Your Important Bits

Most people’s minds fly straight to their phone whenever somebody says, “remember your important stuff”. But this isn’t the only item to think about when you’re traveling. Depending on where you’re headed, you’ll need passports, ID cards, travel insurance documents, reservation codes, and debit or credit cards.

Pro Travel Tip: As soon as you book your holiday, you should check that your driver’s license and passports aren’t expired and print out your travel list too. This ensures you’re ready to go ahead of time and you won’t risk missing anything out of your luggage when the time comes.

#6 Think About Security

When you holiday at our cabin, you won’t need to worry too much about security. As soon as you are finished using our printable packing list, you can start thinking about Crafter’s Retreat — your own private sanctuary for peace and relaxation.

However, if you plan to visit big cities, you should be wary of pickpockets. Ideally, you should keep your belongings safe by always ensuring they’re out of sight and close to you. Many people like to hide phones and wallets under clothing, but you could choose one of the following methods instead:

· Money belt

· Neck wallet

· Leg wallet

· Travel wallet

· Travel lock

· Reflective luggage accessories

· Anti-theft bag

· Money alternatives

#7 Get Your Home in Order

Whether you are going away for a weekend trip, a week-long holiday, or a three-month around-the-world extravaganza, ensuring your home is kept secure while you’re away is a must.

Before you go, you might want to think about these simple tasks:

· Pre-paying bills

· Arranging lawn, plant, and pet care

· Preparing a postal hold

· Create an auto-response for your emails

· Turn off radiators

· Unplug your appliances

· Empty the fridge

· Lock all your windows and doors

· Ensure a trusted relative or family member has a house key and a copy of your whereabouts

· Reconfirm your travel arrangements

If you’re coming to stay at our luxurious Crafter’s Retreat cabin, we can’t wait to welcome you! If you’re going elsewhere, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time. Remember, the fun can start when you begin packing as long as you have our printable packing list to hand.

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