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The Best Films to Watch This Autumn

Updated: Apr 13

You can’t go through this crunchy-leaf season without watching the best autumn films! Luckily for you, we’ve got 10 below that are bound to keep you busy.

The Best Autumn Films to Watch 2021

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#1 Last Night in Soho (2021)

Last Night in Soho is a psychological horror. So, if you’re not prepared to be seriously spooked this autumn, you might want to give this one a miss.

It follows a young lady called Eloise who loves fashion. She gets transported back to London in 1966 and becomes the night club singer, Sandie. While she’s inside Sandie’s body, Eloise finds love. However, it takes a turn and Eloise realises that London’s Swinging Sixties isn’t all as glamorous as it’s said to be.

#2 The Card Counter (2021)

Another new release for our best autumn films list is The Card Counter. It follows William Tell, a gambler who taught himself how to count cards throughout his time in military prison. We won’t tell you more than that as we don’t want to spoil anything! Go into it blind and you’ll be way more surprised.

#3 Birds of Paradise (2021)

Birds of Paradise centres around two females who attend a high-class ballet academy in Paris. They go through so many physical and friendship tests as they try to win a contract to join the oh-so-famous Opéra national de Paris.

#4 Practical Magic (1998)

Practical magic gives you the ultimate witchy vibes as two sister who are worlds apart become closer due to their unlucky curse. The crux? They need to work out how to break the curse, unless they want to miss out on the best part of life.

Why is it one of our best autumn films? It’s witchy; what more does autumn call for?

#5 Waitress (2007)

Waitress is all about a small-town waitress working at a diner until she finds out she’s pregnant. And sadly, she is not happy about it. So, she decides to have an affair with her doctor. While we’re not a fan of this “logical progression”, we can’t deny that it makes for a fantastic film.

Oh, and the number of autumn pies shown throughout will definitely leave you drooling and wishing for all the autumn things.

#6 Stuck in Love (2012)

Stuck in love follows a family of four throughout one year of their life. During the film, the Borgens struggle through break-ups, first loves, missed opportunities, and so much more.

You’re probably wondering why this is one of our best autumn films. Understandable! The family hosts a thanksgiving dinner, and it provides a wonderful cosy feeling.

#7 Knives Out (2019)

In Knives Out, everybody is suspected of murdering a famous and incredibly wealthy author in very strange circumstances. We’re not going to tell you anything else as you need to go into with zero preconceptions. Although, you’ve probably already seen this one of our best autumn films, so it may just be nothing but an honourable mention on our part!

#8 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

This animated film follows a farm-raiding fox who has decide to give up the game. But, one day, he takes on a last ever mission on the three most awful farmers near him. To be honest, we’re not the biggest fan of animated movies, but we did enjoy this one.

#9 Mystic Pizza (1988)

Set in a Connecticut seaside town, Mystic Pizza is a romance story involving three best friends. Also, it stars Julia Roberts, so you can’t really go wrong with that.

It makes our best autumn films list thanks to the flawless use of knitwear.

#10 Good Will Hunting (1998)

We know you know this one, but we couldn’t not mention it, thanks to the stunning cast of Robin Williams and Matt Damon themselves. The latter plays a very smart MIT janitor whose talent is found by a professor who encourages him to do more with his brain.


How Do You Get Into “Fall Vibes”?

Watching the best autumn films is a great way to feel all the “fall vibes”. But if you need some extra help embracing the change in season, here are out top tips:

· Switch out your wardrobe to include chunky cardigans, boots, and scarves

· Decorate your home for the new season — think oranges, browns, and warm tones

· Read some cosy, autumn books

· Bake some autumn-inspired cakes or muffins

· Drink hot chocolate

· Make pumpkin soup

What Should I Watch on Netflix This Autumn?

We’ve given you the best autumn films to watch this season. However, you will struggle to find a lot of them on Netflix, so it’s a more than valid question! Have a look at our mini list below for the best autumn films available on the ever-popular Netflix:

· The Dig (2021)

· The Four Seasons (1981)

· Paranorman (2021)

· Hampstead (2017)

· Rebecca (2020)

· Habie Halloween (2020)

Are The Harry Potter Films on Netflix?

There’s no doubt about it — the Harry Potter films ooze autumnal feelings. But sadly, none of them are available on Netflix or Disney+. If you’re set on streaming the films, Peacock works wonders (but it’s only available in the USA) or you can try HBO Max.

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