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The 7 Best Romance Novels to Read This Loved-Up February

Updated: Apr 13

We’ve compiled a list of the seven best romance books to read in the most loved-up month of the year! Take a sneak preview peek below:

Top 7 Best Romance Books to Read in February 2022. 1

#1 Group Therapy by BB Easton. 1

#2 Meet Me In The Margins by Melissa Ferguson. 1

#3 Bedhead by Brooke Blaine. 1

#4 Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur. 2

#5 The Reunion by Meghan Quinn. 2

#6 Until Next Time by Claudia Burgoa. 2

#7 I’m So Not Over You by Kosoko Jackson. 3

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Below you’ll find out more about the swoon-worthy books coming out this month.

Top 7 Best Romance Books to Read in February 2022

#1 Group Therapy by BB Easton

Published: 1st February 2022

I’m uber close to becoming an actual psychologist, but with my supervisor holding my recommendation letter, I have to first cure our highly acclaimed client’s writer’s block so he can meet his crazy-close deadline. However, that client is Thomas O’Reardon — yep, the devastatingly beautiful, insanely brilliant British author I’ve had a crush on for the longest time.

So, when Thomas asks me on a date after one of our therapy sessions, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Risk losing my dream career or my dream man?

The first on our list of the best romance books to read in February 2022 is Group Therapy by BB Easton. We know it’s going to be absurdly steamy and a jaw-dropping page-turner. So, we encourage you to get your hands on this as soon as possible.

#2 Meet Me In The Margins by Melissa Ferguson

To Be Published: 31st March 2022

Savannah Cade, an editor at Pennington Publishing, has two secrets: she’s writing a romance book and she’s found the Book Nook (a secret room in the publishing house).

One day, she leaves her manuscript in the nook, and finds that somebody has written notes in its margins. Of course, Savannah is straight on the defensive, but she quickly realises she needs guidance from this faceless editor.

As time goes on and the notes continue, the margin-based conversation turns romantic. So, Savannah starts using the process of elimination to figure out who her mystery guy or girl could be.

It’s an interesting spin on a contemporary romance book, since the identity of one side of the relationship is unknown. We’re expecting this one to be a brilliant read — it’s a shame we have to wait until March though!

#3 Bedhead by Brooke Blaine

To Be Published: 15th March 2022

Drew makes everybody fall in love with him. But not me. Under the charming, flippant exterior, he’s ruthless; a man who would do anything to come out on top.

Hudson can’t stand me. His hate drives me to antagonise every male in the vicinity. So, when I get the chance to publish a highly scandalous book, I’ll do whatever I need to take Hudson down.

This MM romance is an enemies-to-lover story that is bound to brilliant. After all, Blaine’s books usually are!

#4 Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Published: 3rd February 2022

Margot Cooper always says no to relationships. However, when Olivia Grant (her first love, her childhood best friend) comes back into her life, she’s unsure about whether her views on love are correct.

Olivia Grant, now a wedding planner, never expected her client’s best woman to be the girl she shouldn’t have let go.

When Olivia doesn’t have a place to stay, Margot offers her the spare room in her house. Will this close proximity help them navigate a second chance with their first loves?

Second chance romances are one of our favourites, so of course this one makes the best romance novels to read this month list!

#5 The Reunion by Meghan Quinn

To Be Published: 22nd February 2022

Peggy and Martin Chance believe love should last forever, and with their fiftieth wedding anniversary coming up, they’re happy to have modelled a wonderful relationship to their three now-adult children. However, they’re saddened that their lesson in love hasn’t quite reached the three siblings.

The oldest, Ford, is highly work-oriented and resistant to love. The middle child, Cooper, can’t get over his divorce, until a sassy baker from his past turns up again. And the youngest, Palmer, is the free spirit who never quite pictured herself with the handsome family doctor.

This one of our best romance novels has six points of view! Multiple POVs are always so interesting, and certainly allows you to get inside the brains of each character.

#6 Until Next Time by Claudia Burgoa

Published: 1st February 2022

This in-debt sassy single mum can’t seem to get a handle on love, live, or parenting. She works three jobs, goes to school, and ensures her child gets the best life possible. Men? No thanks.

Or so she thought.

Zach, her brother’s high-school best friend, suddenly appears, and only time will tell if a fling with her old flame will go anywhere.

The romantic comedy features a secret billionaire on the hunt for the one who got away. And quite frankly, who wouldn’t want to be involved in that?

#7 I’m So Not Over You by Kosoko Jackson

To Be Published: 24th February 2022

Kian Andrews hadn’t heard from his ex, Hudson Rivers, for months — until now. Hudson hits him with an urgent message asking them to meet in a café. Kian doesn’t know what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t “will you pretend to be my boyfriend while my parents visit?”!

If you love the fake dating and second chance tropes, I’m So Not Over You by Kosoko Jackson should make your best romance novels of 2022 TBR. The author is new to us but everything from the cover to the synopsis sounds oh-so-intriguing.

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