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The 20 Best Walking Routes in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

To save you precious time, we’ve broken down the 20 best walking routes in Norfolk (the top ten) and Cambridgeshire (the bottom ten):

1. Winterton Circular Walks

2. Little Ouse Path

3. Sheringham Circular Walk

4. Hellesdon Circular Walk

5. Burgh Castle Circular Route

6. Marriott’s Way

7. Brancaster Staithe Circular Walk

8. Weavers’ Way

9. Aylsham Workhouse Walk

10. Norfolk Coast Path

11. Barnack to Burghley House

12. Castor Hanglands Nature Reserve

13. Houghton Mill to St Ives and Hemingfords

14. Cambridge to Grantchester

15. The Historic Cambridge Walk

16. Lode to Bottisham Pumping Station

17. Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

18. Grafham Water

19. Anglesey Abbey

20. Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits

In the following sections, we’ll give you some more information about each of the walks, so you know exactly what to expect before setting off on your next adventure. And yes, it includes links to the maps!

The 10 Best Walking Routes in Norfolk

A path lined by box hedges and trees in the background in one of the best walking routes in Norfolk

#1 Winterton Circular Walks

There are two walks you can enjoy here — the Winterton Dunes and the Winterton Circular Walk. The former is 1.5 miles, and the latter is 4 miles. Both of them are great for younger families, provided you don’t need a pushchair. Whichever one you decide to do offers fantastic views along the Norfolk Coast Path.

#2 Little Ouse Path

If you would rather spend your time in a forest, we suggest the Little Ouse River Path. It takes you from Brandon to Thetford, which means you’ll need to be up for walking roughly 10 miles. But for those wondering whether it’s worth it — it is! Plus, the terrain is gentle so there’s no need to worry about that.

#3 Sheringham Circular Walk

From parklands to woodlands to heathland to clifftops the Sheringham Circular is undoubtedly one of the best walking routes in Norfolk. You’ll experience all kinds of views and terrains on this 6-mile adventure.

#4 Hellesdon Circular Walk

Train fan? Then you’ll love this one of our best walking routes in Norfolk. It boasts 5.5 miles of the county’s hidden gems. You begin on Marlpit Lane (i.e., the west side of Norwich itself) and go on to spot all kinds of things, including the reclaimed and restored station platform in Hellesdon.

#5 Burgh Castle Circular Route

Located a few miles from Great Yarmouth, the 1-mile route is both wheelchair and pushchair accessible. The boardwalk runs over the reedbed found at the opening of the River Waveney. If you’re looking for a short route to stretch your legs, the Burgh Castle Circular is perfect.

#6 Marriott’s Way

This former railway line is a sight to behold, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The 26-mile route starts in Norwich and is popular for walkers, cyclists, and horse-riders alike as it takes you through villages such as Reepham, before ending in Aylsham.

#7 Brancaster Staithe Circular Walk

For jaw-dropping views of the coast and Scolt Head Island, you need to trek this one of our best walking routes in Norfolk. At 5 miles long, it’s the perfect stretch for many, and we’re sure you’ll never forget the ever-changing saltmarshes, sailing boats, and woodland. The Brancaster Staithe Circular is much-loved by locals, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re only here for a few days.

#8 Weavers’ Way

Weavers’ Way is a 4.5-mile best walking route in Norfolk that follows the River Bure. The low marshes make the yachts you’re bound to see in the distance look as if they’re floating on fields! Oh, and there are loads of pubs along the way — and even more when you arrive in Acle!

#9 Aylsham Workhouse Walk

Want a not-so-taxing stroll? The 2-mile Aylsham Workhouse Walk is the one for you. On green lanes and easy-to-navigate pavements, you’ll pass the old workhouse and experience breathtaking views over the nearby countryside.

#10 Norfolk Coast Path

Now, we’re not suggesting you attempt to walk the 87-mile Norfolk Coast Path in one go. However, this one of our best walking routes Norfolk is perhaps the easiest to follow. Running from Hopton-on-Sea to Hunstanton, it doesn’t matter which way you walk, you’ll benefit from expansive coastal views and a bunch of places to eat.

The 10 Best Walking Routes in Cambridgeshire

An elderly couple on one of the best walking routes in Cambridgeshire with some brown cows in the background

#1 Barnack to Burghley House

At approximately 8 miles, the Barnack to Burghley House route takes you on a tour that starts right at the heart of the medieval quarry. From there, you’ll take an old Roman road to the estate to explore the gorgeous grounds. It’s truly an otherworldly landscape that you won’t want to miss.

#2 Castor Hanglands Nature Reserve

Provided you time it right, this walk treats you to a plethora of natural happenings. Specifically, an amazing number of toads and frogs — after all, around 2,000 inhabit the reserve! We suggest going in the spring or summer to get the most out of this 4-milk walk.

#3 Houghton Mill to St Ives and Hemingfords

This one of our best walking routes in Cambridgeshire takes you along flower-filled meadows, thatched cottages, riverside pathways, and historic churches. The flat 5-mile route seriously has it all. You’ll even pass olde world pubs and the oh-so-renowned Noriss Museum.

#4 Cambridge to Grantchester

Starting at the gloriously Gothic spires of Cambridge’s university colleges, you’ll walk alongside the River Cam through meadows for three miles, eventually ending at the Orchard Tea Garden. As before, we suggest meandering along this one of our best walking routes in Cambridgeshire in the spring or summer to guarantee decent weather and luscious vegetation.

#5 The Historic Cambridge Walk

If you’d rather take in the spectacular architecture the city has to offer, you’ll simply adore this Historic Cambridge Walk. Afterwards, you’ll agree that the best way to experience Cambridge is by walking. You can’t take in the sights any other way.

#6 Lode to Bottisham Pumping Station

Coming back to country lanes, this one of our best walking routes in Cambridgeshire takes you along the River Cam to the Bottisham Lode Pumping Station. Expect panoramic views of nothing but the sky and the fens — and a few pubs and villages, of course.

#7 Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

At just one mile long, the effortless boardwalk takes you over the wetlands of Wicken Fen Nature Reserve where you’ll see all kinds of wildlife. From wigeon ducks to hen harriers to short-eared owls, you’ll see it all on this little ramble.

#8 Grafham Water

To make the most of the county’s lake and woodland habitats, we suggest tackling this 8.9-mile best walking route in Cambridgeshire. The easy walk takes you through Grafham Water, the third biggest reservoir in the country. It’s dog-friendly, and you’ll even spot some lesser-seen flowers while you’re at it.

#9 Anglesey Abbey

As a National Trust Member, you can experience the delights of the 3-mile Anglesey Abbey walk for free (£10 for non-members). Boasting beautiful parks and an expansive country house, you’ll find it difficult to tear your eyes away.

#10 Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits

Last but definitely not least on our list of the best walking routes in Cambridge is the 3-mile Chery Hinton Chalk Pits route. It’s certainly one of the more unique county walks! You’ll amble through grasslands and woodlands filled to the brim with ash and cherry trees, spying various parts of the 12.8-hectare biological Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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