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The 10 Best Book Subscription Boxes with UK Delivery

Updated: Apr 13

Stuck for gift ideas for Christmas 2021 and the New Year? Perhaps the book lover in your life would love one of the best book subscription boxes UK! There’s something for every reader here — crime, non-fiction, and hardcore fantasy lovers. You’re bound to find something to satisfy your (or your loved one’s) literary taste buds.

An open book laid on a field of with glittery lights everywhere and some daisies in the back.

#1 Reposed (from £12.80 a month)

Reposed is perhaps the most stylish and best book subscription box UK — not to mention one of the best value for money. Each box aims to submerge the reader into the story using all five senses.

Every month, you receive a contemporary literary fiction novel and a selection of lifestyle and beauty gifts from decadent, designer brands. Honestly, you’ll undoubtedly feel relaxed just looking at their website!

#2 Fairyloot (£26 a month)

Fairyloot is for hardcore YA fantasy lovers. In this best book subscription box UK, you get a recently-released fantasy novel (always hardback) and four to five high-quality bookish items. The gifts are usually specially crafted for the box, meaning you can’t find them anywhere else.

Oh, and the books are Fairyloot special editions. You won’t want to miss it!

#3 Once Upon a Book Club (£37.05 a month)

It doesn’t get more immersive than Once Upon a Book Club. Every box is totally unique and created to bring the story of the month’s book alive.

Inside this one of our best book subscription boxes 2021, you get a newly released book, signed book plates, a 5 x 7 quote card, book club flyer, and three to five wrapped gifts. The latter have been customised to replicate the items in the book.

But don’t go ripping into the gifts (even though it’s tempting) when the box first arrives. Why? Because OUABC has placed sticky notes on different pages of the novel that tell you when to open the gift for the best experience! It’s such a unique concept that people (us included) can’t get enough of.

#4 Illumicrate (from £17 a month)

Illumicrate is for special-edition fantasy lovers. Just keep in mind that this one of our best book subscription boxes UK can get a little expensive if you want to receive the goodies (bookmarks, blankets, totes, art prints, etc.). We suggest sticking to the book-only box for a well-priced, Illumicrate exclusive new release each month.

What makes it a special edition? Well, it comes with Illumicrate-only customisations like changed covers, sprayed and stencilled edges, hardback embossing, and exclusive art.

Top Tip: they currently have a waitlist for subscriptions. So, if it sounds like something you might want to try, we suggest joining it right now!

#5 Mr B’s Emporium (£50 for three months)

Okay, we have (obviously) adored all the book boxes we’ve just talked about. But, if you want a highly personalised best book subscription box UK, you need to try our all-time favourite, Mr B’s Emporium.

You start by answering a questionnaire about your reading preferences. Once the staff familiarise themselves with your tastes, they appoint one of the team to be your personal bibliotherapist. This person handpicks, packages, and send out a book to you each month.

Based in Bath, you’ll adore how quick the UK delivery is and the highly customisable service. It’s simply unparalleled.

#6 Books & Beer (£13.50 a month)

A stein of beer with a lit red candle in the back with an open book to the right.

If your idea of a good time is a bottle of craft beer and a book, you will adore this best book subscription box UK. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose your subscription — Decide whether you want to receive non-fiction or crime books.

2. Enter payment details — Enter all the relevant information as normal.

3. Be excited — They ship your order on the 20th of each month.

4. Relax — Once your Books & Beer box arrives, kick back and have an oh-so-wonderful time!

Oh, and 50p from every order is donated to the men’s mental health charity, Calm. So, you’re not only helping yourself with this best book subscription 2021, but also the minds of the many.

#7 The Hand Me Down Book Club (from £9.99 a month)

Being environmentally friendly is more important these days than ever before — and this best book subscription box UK understands it. Consider this company the recycling centre for all pre-loved novels. They’re saving innocent books from a landfill fate.

You can choose to have between one and six books delivered each month, making it perfect for all you earth-conscious readers. We can’t recommend this best book subscription box 2021 enough.

#8 Bookishly (from £18 a month)

Bookishly specialises in classic literature and gorgeous vintage paperback novels. There are a bunch of subscription options to choose from, including:

· Classic Book Crate — The theme changes each month. But you can count on an exclusive, Wordsworth classics cover. Not to mention at least seven other themed items (books, art, stationery, etc.).

· Tea and Vintage Book — With this best book subscription box UK type, you get a surprise vintage paperback, a unique tea, and some aesthetically-pleasing stationery.

· Classics Revisited — In this box, you get a modern book inspired by or based on a classic, alongside a bar of handmade chocolate.

#9 Date Night With a Book (from £17.50 a month)

Despite what they say, you can love books and films in equal measure. If this sounds like you, number nine on our list of the best book subscription boxes UK is ideal.

Each month you get a book, the corresponding movie, drinks, and snacks. You can read the book and then watch the film (or vice versa) to gain a deeper understanding of the setting, characters, and plot.

You don’t get to choose the book and movie — it’s a complete surprise! But you can choose to have one to three DVD and books delivered every month.

#10 My Chronicle Book Box (£27 a month)

The final one on our best book subscription boxes UK is for crime fiction fans. In each monthly box, you get a first-edition hard copy signed by the author themselves and a letter written by them, giving you access to exclusive insider knowledge of the books.

The books are always wrapped in paper and fastened with string. Not to mention the beautifully presented gifts from UK designers as well!

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