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How to Spend a Week at The Crafter’s Retreat

A week in a cabin in a secluded, peaceful space sounds idyllic. Luckily, that’s exactly what you get when you stay at the Crafter’s Retreat. But if you don’t want to just go with the flow for seven days, here’s a sample day-by-day schedule of how we believe you should spend your time with us.

Monday: A Day for Relaxation

A bubbly hot tub on the Crafter's Retreat's veranda at night with fairy lights on.

It’s common for people to hate Mondays, so beginning the week with nothing but relaxation is the best way to start your holiday at the Crafter’s Retreat (in our opinion). We have tons of relaxing things to do right here, meaning you don’t even need to leave the cabin or your private 1/4-acre garden.

Whether you fancy lounging in some bubbles outside, watching TV, or reading in the woodlet, you’re bound to feel like a brand-new person afterwards — and more than ready to tackle the fun-packed week ahead of you!

Tuesday: A Day for Exploring East Anglia

A view from the canal in Cambridge of the mathematical bridge as one of the ways to spend a week at The Crafter's Retreat.

As you’ll notice when you first walk into the Crafter’s Retreat, we’ve compiled an extensive Welcome Folder that includes plenty of things to see and do in East Anglia. Thus, we suggest exploring them on Tuesday. After all, you’ve just had an oh-so-relaxing start to the week and are probably feeling fresh as a daisy.

If you’ve never been to the area, you’ll find a bunch of exciting attractions and nature reserves to adventure through inside the Welcome Folder. But we’ll give you a bit of sneak peek here:

· Ely Cathedral

· Fitzwilliam Museum

· Wroxham Miniature Worlds

· Pensthorpe Natural Park

Wednesday: A Day for Wood Crafts

A man wearing a ventilator inspecting a wooden bowl on a lathe.

Located down the path from the Crafter’s Retreat is the Blended Monkey woodturning studio offering lessons to beginners and intermediates. So, whether you’ve never woodturned before or are a seasoned pro, you’re bound to have a lot of fun — and learn loads while you’re at it. Not to mention lunch is included!

There are a few packages to choose from, such as:

· One day woodturning experience for one beginner

· One half-day woodturning experience for one beginner

· One half-day woodturning experience for two beginners

· One day woodturning experience for two beginners

Thursday: A Day for Beach Combing

A sandy beach with dunes on the horizon and the waves lapping at the shore.

You’ve had a bit of relaxation. You’ve explored East Anglia. And you’ve had a go at woodturning. Now, you should head back to the Welcome Folder and discover the many, many beaches which are just a short drive from the Crafter’s Retreat.

We love scouring the beach for interesting shells and sea glass, but there are plenty of other things to do there (depending on which coast you visit). It’s easy to spend a day lounging on the sandy shores or trying your hand at water sports.

Friday: A Day for Clay Crafts

A hand shaping a clay bowl on a pottery wheel.

Next to the woodturning studio, you’ll find the pottery studio where you can come and try pottery. You’ll get to have a go at slab building (various techniques) and throwing on the wheel. Just like woodturning, you get lunch included when you choose a full-day workshop.

It’s a great way to relax, unleash your creative side, and experience something new.

Saturday: A Day for Eating Good Food

A plate of pasta, scallops, shrimp, and lettuce at a fine dining restaurant.

By now, you’ve probably sampled some amazing morsels while staying at the Crafter’s Retreat. But on Saturday, why not immerse yourself into all things food. You can find a list of the nearest restaurants in our Welcome Folder or, of course, consult Google on your travels for a real-time view of the eateries in the area.

Sunday: A Day for Reading

A woman with three star tattoos on her wrist reading a novel in a park in the shade on a sunny day.

You started the week with relaxation, so you should end this way too. While you’re packing, sneak in a little extra selfcare by reading a book from the Crafter’s Retreat bookshelf. You’ll leave the cabin loving life and ready to settle back into your day-to-day routine.

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