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Halloween Decoration and DIY Ideas for The Ultimate Spookfest

Get your house ready for spooky season with our favourite Halloween decoration ideas. Most of them are budget-friendly and work wonderfully regardless of the size of your home. And yes, they’re renter friendly too!

#1 A Halloween Tree

A bare tree silhoutted by the moonlight and bats flying around. It is one of the best Halloween decoration ideas.

Forget Christmas. Trees are coming to Halloween. You can buy a black fake “Halloween” tree for your house and decorate it with all kinds of scary elements. Or you can make one from scratch out of papier Mache if you’re feeling adventurous!

#2 Halloween Wreaths

A Halloween wreath made from miniature pumpkins, berries, and autumn leaves.

Nothing beats wreaths as Halloween decoration ideas. Plenty of small businesses specialize in making themed spooky wreaths that will entice trick-or-treaters and impress any guests you have coming over this season.

Our Favourites:

· Skeleton Swag Door Wreath by Wreaths by Laura

· Pennywise Wreath by KraftsbyKimCanada

· Artificial Autumn Harvest Wreath by mdesignzLTD

· Gothic Halloween Autumn Door or Wall Wreath by BellesFlowerStudio

· Candy Corn Wreath by PrettyPassionShop

#3 On-Trend Jack-O-Lanterns

Two painted pumpkins sitting on crunchy autumn leaves as one of the best Halloween decoration ideas.

If you don’t feel like pumpkin carving this year, why not try painting? Alternatively, you can buy some handmade, interesting jack-o-lanterns that are bound to complete the look.

Our Favourites:

· Desktop Jack-O-Lantern by GLSCustomPrints

· Rusty Metal Halloween Pumpkins by RustedBanana

· Pumpkin Baskets by WonderWeaverDesign

· Halloween Jack O Lantern by MagicWoodenBox

#4 Spooky Plates for Spooky Snacks

A highly-decorated crescent-shaped ceramic plate with a masquerade mask etched, painted, and carved into it.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, you’ll need some themed plates to complete the look. While this isn’t a Halloween DIY décor idea, purchasing some eco-friendly paper plates in your chosen theme perfectly completes the look.

Our Favourites:

· 6 Halloween Pink Pumpkin Plates by LuckandLuck

· Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Plate by The Ceramic Soul

· 8 Halloween Vintage Party Plates by PostboxParty

· Halloween Nights Serving Plate Set by RiverWoodForest

· Trick or Treat Halloween Platter by BackRoadSupplyShoppe

#5 Ghoulish Bunting

Orange bunting with candy corns and other sweets on as one of the best Halloween decoration ideas..

Bunting is a much-loved decoration for all kinds of occasions. But it’s one of our preferred Halloween decorations DIY — although you can, of course, purchase some ready made bunting from a small business.

For those of you in the creating mood, just grab some paper, string, scissors, and glue. Then go to town on your scary bunting. It’ll spruce up your home with the perfect amount of terror!

Our Favourites:

· Halloween Bunting Banner by FabricsAndBuntings

· Vintage Rhyme Halloween Bunting Banner by Cush-n-Craft

· Custom Glitter Halloween Bunting by PetitBooChe

· Halloween Garland for Mantle Décor by CompanyLogoFaceMask

#6 Halloween Fairy Lights

A string of lit paper pumpkins with smiley faces on them as a Halloween decoration.

Fairy lights are, by far, one of our favourite ideas for Halloween decorations. They are easy to set up and look amazing just about anywhere.

For those of you with fire places, add an extra splash of orange with fairy lights around the mantelpiece. Or light up the ceiling with spooky sparkles. Or even decorate your windowsills with twinkling lights.

There are loads to choose from but you’ll find our favourites below (all from small businesses, naturally).

Our Favourites:

· Halloween String Lights by ShiningGiftDesign

· Autumn Leaf and Pumpkin Fairy Lights by ScandaLinenStore

· Crochet Ghost Fairy Lights by FromtheCraftRoomShop

· Selection of Halloween String Lights by BOCManufacturing

#7 Creepy Candles

An oil burner holding a lit tea light in a very dark room.

Candles can be cosy but they can also be creepy, making them the perfect accessory when you’re decorating for Halloween party. The more you purchase and light, the spookier your party venue will be.

Just make sure you check with the venue if naked flames are allowed beforehand! Of course, this won’t be an issue in your own home.

Our Favourites:

· Hanging Cauldron Oil/Wax Burner by The Awkward Witch

· Halloween Candles Decoration by VeganbunnyCo

· Bubbling Cauldron Candles by QueSeraSeraGifts

· Witches Brew Crystal Candle by AshAndIndigoBoutique

· Candle with Hand and Claw by Sontelia

· Dragons Blood Spooky Halloween Candle by MoonAndBearCo

#8 Bin Bag Spider Webs

A spider web with morning dew.

Halloween decoration ideas don’t have to be over the top. If you are looking for a more understated look, try this bin bag spider web DIY we found on Cosmopolitan. It’s as straightforward as it sounds (as long as you follow the right pattern and use sharp scissors).

Top Tip: Be patient! Bin bags aren’t the easiest thing to cut. But it’ll certainly spook-up your home for the scary holiday.

#9 Eyeball Rocks

A large painted eyeball sat in front of a large building on a lawn surrounded by trees.

We love this one of our Halloween decorations DIY ideas because the process is relaxing. All you need is some paint and a few rocks to paint the eyeballs on and that’s it! We recommend displaying them on your porch or around your front door to frighten your guests this spooky season.

Top Idea: Make a load of them and give them out alongside standard Halloween sweets. The recipients may well treasure them forever as a reminder of the coolest house on the street. Or something.

#10 Morgue Drawer Door

A spooky looking Halloween door with a bare, vine-ridden tree growing up the wall and slightly over the door.

If you’re looking to send spooky chills down any trick-or-treater’s spine, then turning your front door into a morgue drawer door is exactly what you need to do. And the best part is that this Halloween DIY décor idea is super easy.


· Precut 20” x 30” foam core

· Spray adhesive

· Black paper

· 6-inch stainless steel T-hinges

· 6.5” handle

· Silver duct tape

· Self-adhesive Velcro (make sure it’s heavy duty)

· Black kraft paper

· Grey kraft paper

· Red acrylic paint

· Double-sided tape

· Plastic chain

· Hot glue gun with clear glue sticks

· Plastic pedestal planted (not necessary, but can be good for added decoration)

How to Make It:

1. Attach three pieces of foam core together using spray adhesive.

2. Cover the front with a piece of black paper, use spray adhesive to attach it.

3. Put the rectangular part of two hinges between the 1st and 2nd foam core on the short side. Attach.

4. Cover exposed edges with duct tape. Fold excess towards the back.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to make two additional doors.

6. Secure the morgue doors to your front door using the Velcro.

7. Cut five coffins from the black kraft paper.

8. Cut five smaller coffins from the grey kraft paper.

9. Attach the grey coffins onto the black craft paper with double-sided tape.

10. Use the red acrylic paint to spell out the word “morgue” on the coffins.

11. Put the coffins onto double-sided tape.

12. Attach to the plastic chain and hang it over your front door.

13. Add the planter to give it an extra touch.

14. You’re done!

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