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10 Unique Easter Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 13

After countless Easter holidays, it’s easy to fall into the habit of picking up a Malteser egg from Tesco and calling it a day. After all, who doesn’t love Malteser chocolate? But if you’re looking for different Easter gifts to give to your special someone(s), look no further:

Top 5 Ready to Go Unique Easter Gifts. 1

#1 Handmade Notebooks by Tremundo Journals. 2

#2 Dried Orange and Flower Coasters by Peachie Studios. 2

#3 Make Your Own Whiskey by Do Your Gin. 2

#4 Custom Easter Starbucks Cups by Scott and Jennys Place. 3

#5 My Snuggle Bunny Personalized Children’s Books by I See Me Books US. 3

Top 5 Unique DIY Easter Gifts. 4

#1 Create a Beauty/Self-Care Easter Gift Basket. 4

#2 Put Together a Movie Lover’s Easter Basket. 5

#3 Make a Tech-Filled Easter Basket. 5

#4 Compile a Bookworm’s Easter Gift Basket. 5

#5 Make Carrot Cake Mix Carrots. 6

Let’s jump into each one in more detail!

A vase of pale pink flowers against a concrete background with a wooden Easter bunny standing in front of it

Top 5 Ready to Go Unique Easter Gifts

If you’re pushed for time this Easter, you may want easy-to-purchase unique Easter gifts. In which case, these items from small businesses are perfect.

#1 Handmade Notebooks by Tremundo Journals

First on our list is handmade notebooks. Of course, there are plenty of places to purchase them, but we suggest Tremundo Journals if you don’t know where to start (particularly the Field of Dreams Journal).

The covers are whimsical, and the range is huge, allowing you to choose the perfect journal for your loved one. The pages are blank, ensuring the recipient has unlimited space to express themselves.

As far as unique Easter gifts go, you can’t go wrong with a one-of-a-kind notebook!

#2 Dried Orange and Flower Coasters by Peachie Studios

These coasters wonderfully eternalise spring, so even when spring is long gone, you can admire it on your coffee table.

Made using crystal clear resin, real flowers, and dried orange rounds, they work especially well with cottagecore décor.

#3 Make Your Own Whiskey by Do Your Gin

A whiskey glass half-filled with whiskey and two ice cubes on a wooden table and a concrete background as a unique Easter gift

Whiskey isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about egg hunting and bunnies, making this one of our unique Easter gifts extra special.

For all whiskey lovers, this box is a real treat. Using Do Your Gin’s authentic woodchip blends, you can craft your own whiskey! The pack comes with three kinds of oak and six herbs and spices to provide an endless array of flavour combinations. You’ll never taste a whiskey quite like it ever again.

Alongside the premium ingredients, you receive two glass prep bottles and six stainless steel whiskey stones for a thoroughly enjoyable (and aesthetically pleasing) experience.

Oh, and don’t worry if you’ve left it a bit late, the non-chocolate Easter gift ships super quickly!

#4 Custom Easter Starbucks Cups by Scott and Jennys Place

Almost everybody knows a Starbucks fiend. So, this customer cup is a no-brainer for their unique Easter gifts!

With a cute bunny figure holding the logo and your loved one’s name printed on the base, it’s certainly a present they’ll never relinquish. Scott and Jennys Place even lets you pick the glittery vinyl colours and fonts.

To give you a taste of your glitter colour options, see below:

· Black

· Dark Grey

· Silver

· Gold

· Sea Foam

· Mint

· Tiffany Blue

· Orange

· Red

· Purple

· Dark Amethyst

· Rosey Gold

· Melon

· Blue

#5 My Snuggle Bunny Personalised Children’s Books by I See Me Books US

Trying to buy different Easter gifts for the young children in your life? Nothing could be better than a personalised book!

You can choose between the hardcover and the hardcover with gift set option. We wholeheartedly recommend the latter because your little one receives a plush bunny toy that matches the character in the story.

Top 5 Unique DIY Easter Gifts

A flowery easter basket filled with painted white eggs and pink tissue paper strips

Now, if you have time and you want to get creative with your unique Easter gifts, then this is the section for you. As you’ll soon see, most of the options involve sourcing items for themed baskets. But we always find that to be one of the best parts!

#1 Create a Beauty/Self-Care Easter Gift Basket

You can give the gift of relaxation by putting together a self-care or beauty-filled “hamper” for your friends or family. Here are some suggestions:

· Makeup bagUse this as the “basket” part of the gift to hold all the other gifts. We love the bag by Coussins Elegance thanks to its neutral colour palette.

· Lip balm This one by Sunshine Company Shop is entirely eco-friendly (the tube is 100% compostable!) and made from clean ingredients. You can choose between various scents, including unscented, peppermint, lavender, citrus, vanilla, rose jasmine, and more.

· Sheet face maskThis avocado-infused face mask is 100% plant-based and sources the avocados from New Zealand to ensure intense skin hydration and nourishment. The formula lets your skin lock-in moisture, flushes toxins, and circulates nutrients to offer a healthy glow. It contains Vitamin E and C which will help reduce signs of aging.

· Eye maskThe Eye Therapy mask by Beauty Pro contains Vitamin A and E, green tea, and collagen. It helps relieve puffiness and swelling due to tiredness. It fights fine lines, under eye shadows, and wrinkles.

· Hand maskThe collagen-infused gloves contain natural ingredients like olive, apple, and star anise. It’s an anti-aging formula with removable fingertips, so you can continue with your day while they work their magic.

· Foot maskFilled with peppermint, sweet almond, and collagen, it cools and fights off the signs of aging.

· Beauty blender eggsThis plastic egg carton filled with multicoloured beauty blenders completes the Easter theme! They’re super high-quality and look sleek on any dressing table.

#2 Put Together a Movie Lover’s Easter Basket

For film-loving friends, you can create different Easter gifts by compiling a hamper filled with movie-related items they’re sure to adore, such as:

· Movie scratch-off posterIt contains 100 movies to scratch off once you’ve seen them. If they’re a real film-buff, they may well be able to scratch off the majority straight away!

· Popcorn seasoningYou can choose gift boxes of all sorts of flavours, ranging from gingerbread to jalapeno white cheddar. We’d suggest a selection in case your friend isn’t a fan of one or the other.

· Popcorn bucketThe personalised bucket works wonders to hold all the film-themed gifts.

· Movie logbookThis notebook helps you keep track of all the movies you’ve watched and your thoughts. The cover is eye-catching, and the prompts inside make it easy to record opinions.

· Film noir playing cardsNot only do these keep you entertained, but they’re even great for display purposes!

#3 Make a Tech-Filled Easter Basket

Another on our list of non-chocolate Easter gifts is to make a hamper filled with tech-y goodies, like:

· Storage basketThe stylish, faux leather, medium-sized storage basket acts as a perfect gadget hamper.

· 3D AirPod CaseDepending on the AirPod model, pick a case that suits their style. There are seemingly hundreds to choose from, including cup-a-noodles, kawaii cats, amps, avocados, Minnie Mouse, Xbox controllers, Nintendo Switches, Skittles packets, and many more.

· Phone and tablet standIt’s a sleek, 3D-printed stand that can hold your phone in five different ways. You can choose between two colours: black and white.

· Cable organiserThe 8-piece set of cable organisers will help make your tech-lovers’ drawers much tidier. You can even pick the primary and secondary colour to match their aesthetic.

· Smartphone camera lens kitThe pack contains 10 phone camera lenses, including macro, fisheye, telephoto, kaleidoscope, and more.

#4 Compile a Bookworm’s Easter Gift Basket

For the final type of basket we’ll talk about here, make one for the bookworms in your life! You have so many options, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

· Boho fabric basketUse it to store all the bookish goodies.

· Book chainInstead of a boring bookmark, grab a book chain to add to the basket. You can choose from lots of styles, including cicadas, four leaf clovers, roses, maple leaves, and ginkgo leaves.

· Bookish socksThese library book socks will capture the heart of any bookworm.

· Book-related candlesSo many shops sell bookish candles, but one of the best is East Light Candles Shop’s Currently Reading Candle.

· Book sleeveIf your loved one likes travelling with their books but is sick and tired of them getting ruined, they’ll thank you for a book sleeve!

#5 Make Carrot Cake Mix Carrots

If creating hampers isn’t your style, why not put all the ingredients needed for a delicious carrot cake into a carrot-shaped vessel?

All you need to do is put the dry ingredients into a cellophane (or piping) bag and twist it into a cone shape. Then, get some green string or crepe paper to finish it off and you have a filled carrot, carrot cake mix unique Easter gift!

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