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Christmas Décor on a Budget (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

Updated: Apr 13

#1 Use Pinecones As Decorations

A bundle of pinecones as a way to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

We thought we’d start with a Christmas décor on a budget idea that didn’t require any DIY skills. It’s simply a case of heading out into the wilderness, collecting pinecones, and distributing them throughout your home!

The best part about this decoration is that it’s free. Forget budget — you don’t need a penny to dowse your home in pinecones.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to decorate for Christmas with pinecones, try the following:

· Place pinecones on your mantel piece

· Place them around your fire place or wood burner

· Use serving bowls to hold the pinecones and put them on window sills or the centrepiece of your dining table

#2 Up-cycle Newspaper Into Hanging Christmas Ornaments

Paper is one of the best Christmas décor on a budget ideas — it’s wonderfully cheap and you probably already have some around the house. You may well be surprised by the sheer possibilities.

One of the easiest things to do is to take some newspaper and roll into in a cone. Secure the shape and decorate with festive cut outs. Attach string and hang from all available locations (curtain rails are a particularly good spot for this DIY Christmas decoration).

#3 Shape Twigs Into Stars

All you need are twigs and twine for this DIY Christmas decoration. Snap the twigs into roughly the same size and tie the twine at all points of the star.

After that, you can either add extra twine to hang them up or hot-glue them to stands. With the latter, you can make a gorgeous table centrepiece. Alternatively, suspend them in your windows for an extra Christmas décor on a budget touch.

#4 Get a Wire Basket and Fairy Lights

This one of our Christmas décor on a budget ideas is perfect for the coffee table. A small wire or woven basket filled with battery-powered fairy lights make for a fantastic display. You can find the basket and fairy lights at most discount stores — or Amazon, if you’d rather go the online route.

We suggest mixing up the light colours and patterns for a wholly festive feel. Combining this DIY Christmas décor with candles (more on that later). Placing pinecones and wooden Christmas ornaments in the basket with the lights really ramps it up a notch too.

#5 Reinvent the Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be expensive. So, if you’d rather not splash the cash on a full-size behemoth, you could reinvent it.

Multiple ways to do this Christmas décor on a budget trick exist. One of the easiest is to use sticks found in your garden (they’re free after all) and a flower pot. Then, fashion a makeshift tree, decorate with your standard baubles, and you’re good to go!

Alternatively, you could adopt a young fir tree and root it in water. You still get that lovely Christmas tree aroma and the traditional look without making a massive dent in your pocket.

#6 Hang Cookie Cutters

A star and gingerbread man cookie cutter hanging from a wire with red rope as a Christmas decoration on a budget.

No matter the area needing sprucing up, this Christmas décor on a budget hack works a treat. Grab some string and your favourite cookie cutters and hang them up. Simple!

#7 Make Paper Christmas Trees

Two origami paper Christmas trees made from music sheets.

Do you enjoy fiddling with paper? Then you can turn that into a DIY Christmas decoration! There are many tutorials online for different Christmas tree styles. It just depends on the number of steps you wish to undertake!

To make it a family affair, print out the instructions and get to work. There’s nothing like a craft night. Plus, they’re easy to fold up and store once the festive period ends. After all, reusing decorations every year is a sure-fire way to save money.

#8 Set The Festive Mood with Candles

A lit red candle surrounded by Christmas lights and berries.

Nothing screams Christmas like a candle — especially a red or green one! Scents, of course, play a huge role in upping the festive ante as well. Try aromas like:

· Cinnamon

· Clove

· Fir tree

· Pinecone

· Candy cane

· Citrus

· Sugar cookie

We suggest supporting small businesses when buying candles. There are loads of UK-based Etsy stores selling beautiful festive wax melts if you prefer them over candles.

#9 Use Throws and Christmassy Cushions

A living room decorated for Christmas with a tree, gift sack, and festive cushion.

You can’t go wrong with Christmas cushion covers. They’re relatively inexpensive. Couple them with a festive blanket and you’re all ready for the holiday celebrations.

#10 Wrap Gifts Early

A rectangular gift wrapped in Kraft paper decorated with thick hessian ribbon and a wooden star decorations.

Brilliantly wrapped gifts are decorations in their own right. So, why not wrap everything early to give your home that much-needed Christmas cheer?

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